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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 1, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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cohesive, credible argument against president obama. it nds to be thematic. not just a zinger here and there, sound bite. it those be a coherent message. the message that can elect romney, really, the one fundamental to his entire -- >> neil: the economy. >> eric: hello, i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5 verz in new yor 5:00 in . this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: think the war on terror is over? not even close. exhibit "a," this taliban commander revealing the partnership with a bold and powerful new al-qaeda. their target? america. >> these are taliban attacks. this is part of our new military strategy. we have our people in the afghan police, and the army. >> what skills do the al-qaeda tighters bring? >> they are masters of
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everything. for example, making i.e.d. something we don't know how to do. but they are teaching us. they are also master engineers and good with all weapons. >> eric: today a car bomb killed three more americans bringing the casualty count to 2,002. listen to president obama in las vegas just yesterday. >> al-qaeda is on the path to defeat and usama bin laden is dead. [ applause ] >> eric: are you sure? listen to this. >> kind of has come back. al-qaeda a resilient organization. >> the reason for the american intervention in afghanistan was terrorism. >> terrorism has not gone away. it has increased. >> you have to ask yourself, does president obama get it? does he bother talking to his generals like that one right there? his intel people? or is he too busy campaigning in sin city? dana, you cringeed a little
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bit when we listened to president obama in vegas saying again, al-qaeda is dead -- bin laden is dead, al-qaeda on the way out. scary, though. >> dana: this morning i read the "new york post" and i noted he quoted president obama saying that line at the democratic national convention. i was going to bring it up in this segment. i didn't realize president obama said it again yesterday. you would think even stump speech that should be refreshed and keep up with the times. they are talking to multiple audiences at the same time. in this case, he is talking to the american troops, our allies, fighting with us. our enemy and directly to the american people. those messages aren't necessarily always going to be the same. but it seems careless to suggest that al-qaeda is on the wane if in fact your general last night on "60 minutes" is saying the opposite and we have evidence that al-qaeda was behind the attacks in libya. >> eric: andrea, the guy in
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the backseat of the cab with laura logan on "60 minutes" was a taliban commander who says he is working hand in hand with al-qaeda. they infiltrated the afghani police and military, people we're training. they're doing what is called green on blue violence, or insider attacks. killing our soldiers from within. >> andrea: they know we're in retreat. what has been the goal of afghanistan from day one? i think the president has not ever articulated what that goal is. if he is going to continue to out the how strong he is and say al-qaeda is leading, he owes it to the military families because their sons and their daughters shouldn't die in vain. from day one, he said i'm going to ripped troops out and announced to the world the timeline so they know when we are leaving. the soldiers there are strangleed by the crippling rules of engagement. they can't fight back. if you want to take them out, mr. president, take them out and take them out now. but i tell you what, they are not especially going talk about how many u.s. troops will remain in afghanistan until after the election. what does that tell you?
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it tells you this is a political move that president obama does not look weak on terror. men and women are dying. >> eric: greg? >> greg: i can't tell if this is an administration or five women who can't decide where to brunch. nobody is communicating. i feel bad for generals. if the generals complained about birth control obama would call them. or maybe make sandra fluke a general and better lines of communication. this is what happens when you spend more time with joy behar than intel briefings. >> eric: bob, simultaneously over the weekend, sunday, the death toll, casualty count went over 2,000 in afghanistan. president obama on the stump saying al-qaeda is dead. his own general, guy leading troops in afghanistan saying al-qaeda is not dead. they are back in force. >> eric: initial al-qaeda responsible for 9 are dead. keep in mind every terrorist
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group in mideast and north africa take the name of al-qaeda because it's well-known name and something they raise money from saudis with. there is a more fundamental question. when is enough is enough? time to get out of the country. if russians didn't learn it, british didn't learn it. we could keep troops on the border with pakistan. this is a new al-qaeda in the sense they adopted the name. he's right. the other one was decimateed. that is not the point. the point is we're going to train people that turn around and kill our people? let's get out. >> dana: northern africa, al-qaeda has grown. in afghanistan, president obama did talk a lot about afghanistan. good war in 2008. that's one of the things they said they would finish it up because it would disrupt the ground and make sure we have democracy and everything. if he wants to change the mission, remember, when he annoyed date certain for troops leading, he had not
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spoken about afghanistan for a year. you cannot keep the american people rallied behind a mission of troops if you never talk about it. you're not clear about what we're trying to achieve. part of the problems if you announce a date certain, everybody in afghanistan, figuring out their alliances, just lying in wait. karzai has had to make a political decision unfortunately not in america's best interest. i'm afraid that our great grandchildren will have to go home. >> eric: which is? karzai's political decision is? >> dana: well, i don't know for sure, but he has to consider who are the power brokers in his country. we're not going to -- >> bob: karzai is a bug on a truck. >> dana: be that what h may, he is the president of afghanistan. >> bob: how long are we going to put up with this? >> eric: either get out -- >> bob: get up and get out. get done. >> eric: finish the job or get out now. president obama is doing
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neither. not finishing a job. gave them a day when we're supposed -- >> bob: he did a surge of troops in afghanistan. he did a surge in afghanistan. successfully secure certain areas. in the long run, very much like surge in iraq. iraq over this weekend there were coordinated attacks all over the country. >> eric: stay on afghanistan. >> bob: of course. >> eric: listen to hamid karzai. i don't know where he is getting this. take a listen. >> it's not directed at the american people. it's directed at the policies and behavior of those who are presenting -- [ inaudible ] >> eric: i'm not sure he should have criticism of the american people. >> greg: i'm kind of letdown, too. he has been a raging success. isn't he ben kingsly body double? couldn't he just do that? it's hard for the american people to look at the footage of afghanistan and see what you are winning. when you are bombing a place that already looks bombed. this is where rubble goes for
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spring break. there is nothing there. for people to go -- what are we doing there? going back to what bob is saying. terrorism is like roaches. you spray three times a year. when it acts up, you go out and spray and you leave. you have don't live in roaches. you just kill them. >> eric: dan -- >> bob: karzai is a good politician. give you that. but put him in there. brought him out of the country and put him in. he wouldn't be in the country if it weren't f the united states. what are you talking about? >> dana: one of the people who was able to step up. he in his own right, bob, fought terrorists. it's easy for us on a show like this, eight minutes try to solve the afghani problem. it's very complex and complicated. if you think about one of the things we did accomplish, before we got there, no women were allowed to work outside the home. no girls allowed to go to
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school. that has totally changed. we should just do it for -- women or the girls but everything we fought for i'm afraid are l be erased. >> eric: one thing that came out of the "60 minutes" piece, all three interviewed the taliban commander, general allen and karzai all three said they say pakistan is the place probably a place housing all the terrorists. there's training them -- i'm saying what do we do about it? >> andrea: the president has also made that same statement, a while ago. which is baffling while there are folks like bob and folks on the right agree on this issue. they say the president approached the issue of afghanistan way they approach other issues with ambivalence, hands off. he never had a stated goal. no man or woman should die to make him look strong on terror. he doesn't know what to do.
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he doesn't want to lin to general. he owes the families and the men and women a solid middle east policy. it's not just afghanistan in chaos. libya, sirria, it's egypt. so the president is way over his head. get him out if you're not tough on terror. >> bob: to suggest he's over his head in a situation virtually uncontrollable. what do you do about syria? if you want to do syria seriously and put troops on the ground in syria, on the strongst armies -- >> dana: why not have a consistent policy or doctrine? it's amazing some people on the left say get out of afghanistan and use the drone attacks and kill people as needed. but yet we argue against any presymptive military strike in iran to stop them from getting nuclear weapon. >> bob: how long are we going to stay in afghanistan? how long? >> greg: the other question when you talk of consistency is in the media. bush years the media was antiwar.
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now it's not bush's war so it's quiet. >> andrea: bush went to congress to get approval. remember nixon was criticized going to cambodia. everyone blasted him and blasted bush. at least saddam hussein had a trial. where are the liberals speaking out on that? >> eric: last thought, is president obama succeeding or failing in foreign policy? >> bob: succeeding. >> eric: that's what i thought. latest on libya, was it coverup or incompetence? is the president leading from the talk show couch? >> the annual u.n. media where rogue nations are calling for a new world order. obama snub key allies and skipped meetings with world leaders so he could be on tv. >> we brought cloth napkins as well. i want to be eye candy here. >> eric: new ad calls out obama for gabbing with the gals of "the view" instead of the intel people. dana is on deck next. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: new ad by the super pac american crossroad look at obama's foreign affairs and preoccupation being on popular television shows. >> what did president obama do the same day of a terror attack on american citizens? he campaigned in las vegas. then at the annual u.n.
5:16 pm
meeting where rogue nations are calling for a new world order, obama snubbed key allies and skipped meetings with world leaders so he could be on tv. >> we have cloth napkins as well. i'm just supposed to be eye candy here. >> president obama needs to learn, being president isn't just about being on tv. and protecting your job. it's about leadership. >> dana: here is what the senior white house advisor david plouffe says about how he has handled libya catastrophe in particular. >> was it inappropriate to go to fundraiseer the day after the attack in retrospect knowing it was a terrorist attack? inappropriate to engage in politics as usual? >> no. the president is 24/7 engaged in the job of the presidency. he spent an enormous time and weeks by the way in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy. absolutely not. president is on call 24/7. that comes with the job. >> dana: do you remember, bob, the day that president
5:17 pm
obama on september 11 when he flew to vegas i said this will be the biggest mistake. they don't make a lot of mistakes on the obama campaign but to me that was the biggest political mistake of the campaign so far. >> bob: i agree with you. i agreed when you said that. i don't think i would have gone to of all places las vegas. but to suggest that the president needs to be around during every terrorist attack. there have been terrorist attacks every time a citizen dies, soldier dies, that is a terrorist attack. to suggest that -- to suggest that the president should stay home in a bunker mentality in times like this is probably a mistake. the other thing about the rogue nations in new world order that found ominous in the ad but these are two-bit countries with exception of iran. they will be bombed back and not a nuclear -- >> dana: this is president obama, the citizen of the world. we can't call them two-bit countries, can we? >> bob: sure. >> eric: can i call you out for something you did. you did it again. you love doing this. you make a statement that is clearly false.
5:18 pm
you keep talking and cover it up with some -- >> bob: what did i say was false? >> eric: something that could go either way. every time a soldier is killed, terrorist attack. no. we're at war right now. at war with the taliban. that is a war. when our ambassador gets killed in a consulate, that is a terrorist attack. there is a big difference. >> bob: you think the explosive devices -- >> eric: my point is -- >> bob: -- not a terrorist attack? >> eric: the day after ambassador stevens and three others were killed, president obama gets on the plane and campaign stop in vegas is different from the other 2,002 people who died in afghanistan in the last 11 years. >> bob: you are suggesting we're not at war -- >> eric: he should have stayed home and met with the intel people. >> dana: definition of war in uniform versus the terrorist attack of civilians there is a difference there. andrea, i want your take because senator mccain talked about this strange, bizarre discrepancy between what the administration knew about the intel and what they said to the american people.
5:19 pm
and now how it was self-evident and trying to muddy the waters. i don't think they will get away with it, especially when it comes to oversight from congress. senator mccain. >> i think it interferes with the depiction that the administration is trying to convey, al-qaeda is on the way. everything is fine in the middle east. >> you think it's political? >> it's certainly political. how else could you trot out, our u.n. ambassador to say this was a spontaneous demonstration? five days later it doesn't pass the smell test. >> we found out that the director of the national intelligence said they didn't think it five days later and they knew it before. some call for susan rice, ambassador to be fired over this. i think whoever told her or failed to tell her the truth should look at being fired. >> andrea: if you watch sunday shows you saw david axelrod again. they are stepping all over the story. every time they send someone from the administration out, they contradict what someone
5:20 pm
else said before. david axelrod said the first day this happened the president said it was a terrorist attack. then david plouffe says later in the days after, it wasn't clear that the attack was an attack of terror. by the way, senator corker, he questions why f.b.i. agents haven't been able to get to that country. their excuse is it's too unsafe and bad news on the ground. why did we not know that earlier and why didn't ambassadorsteins have protection? >> dana: when you -- you have been following this, i know very closely. >> greg: absolutely. all i've been thinking about it. >> dana: is everything clear as mud at this point? gues >> greg: billy carter handled it better. you remember his fray in politics into libya. you can learn a lot about somebody through the acquaintance it. obama hired more bozeo than barnum bailey. maybe al-qaeda was opening up
5:21 pm
for siegfried and roy in vegas. that san explanation. but he cares more -- this statement he made means he cares more about winning the presidency than being president. >> bob: did anybody here call for colin powell's resignation when he went before the u.n. with clearly doctored evidence -- he didn't know it was doctored. that got us in the war in iraq? >> dana: i think he would disagree with that. >> bob: he does not. he said it was the most embarrassing moment of his career. >> dana: he doesn't say the information was doctored. somebody said that. except for michael moore. bost the information he was given presented in theu he believes was not accurate information. >> dana: intel turns out to be wrong. different if you try to say that this administration is saying it was because of video. it wasn't. it was because of libya -- we don't know, because it doesn't matter anyway. >> greg: can i reiterate the seventh day in the row. that is the question. the one question they have to answer is where did you get the intel that told you to move -- >> bob: i don't think you'll get the answer.
5:22 pm
>> greg: that is the same. if mitt asked that in the debate -- >> dana: you know when we get an answer to that? >> i they solved their problem. they are offering up clyburn. he knew and forgot to tell the white house. >> andrea: answers on every issue. this approach is the same approach they approach the economy. remember, stimulus worked. we have didn't know how bad it was. wait, i need more time. all over the map. nobody is holding them accountable. >> dana: protect susan rice. >> bob: would you accept leaks of intelligence offices against the office of director of national intelligence. >> andrea: the democrats want to know. >> eric: who in 2010 had to be told by lessy stahl people were arrested in london for terrorist attack? he didn't know himself. >> bob: did he say he told the white house this was -- >> eric: if you hang your hat, our intelligence on that guy, james clapper we're in big trouble. >> bob: oh, i see. you want to talk about falsehoods but you don't agree
5:23 pm
with them? >> greg: obama's -- [ inaudible ] >> andrea: real quick, wouldn't you love to see bob at the state department working calling the countries two-bit country? you would have been an excellent diplomat. >> bob: i did. i got in trouble. >> andrea: i can't imagine. solve all of our problems. >> dana: coming up, we'll switch gears. arnold schwarzenegger talks to sean hannity about the affair that ruined his marriage. >> it just created a huge screwup. i you know, had this child. it destroyed my family. >> dana: is he really sorry? you'll hear more from that interview and greg's imitation next. ♪ ♪ does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger's new memoir reveals the story behind the secret affair and the child that kept him from his family and his wife. sean hannity talked with him about it today. >> from your perspective, why? i mean, you have a beautiful
5:28 pm
wife, beautiful family. everything going for you. where is the disconnect? >> the thing that i cherish the most, i destroyed because stupid things. i just created a huge screwup. i, you know, had this child. and destroyed my family. hurt a lot of people. hurt my wife tremendously who doesn't deserve that. my kids, you know, relatives and all this. i'm embarrassed and ashamed about it. but you can't go back. >> andrea: yeah, you seem it. all right, catch the entire interview tonight on "hannity" at 9:00 p.m. so the kindergarten cop has a new autobiography out today. "total recall: my unbelievably true life story." coincidence the public mea culpa now? >> greg: you are too cynical.
5:29 pm
there is nothing more important than happiness of the kennedy clan. our country has to realize this. arnold hasn't done a decent film since "die hard" so who cares. the title of the book should have been "sorry, i'm a dude." let's think about this. how does she not realize what you are getting into? you are marrying a body builder who spends 23 hours a day posing in front of a mirror. a machine designed for sexual options. that's all he cared about. you marry him and you can't believe he's cheating? you married arnold schwarzenegger. >> row are blaming her? >> greg: all he did was have sex and smoke pot. >> andrea: wait a minute, in fairness, that is all bob did in '70s, too. his physique is still strong and -- and -- >> bob: i am with arnold on this one. it was a screwup. it was a bad screwup. are you kidding me? this guy -- >> dana: henry kissinger?
5:30 pm
[ laughter ] >> bob: maybe kissinger -- those are the only two geis, they have been in this country so long they should speak english by now. unbelievable. >> andrea: tmz did research and maria had no interest in commenting and say she is upset about this. she should be. the level of deception are pretty deep. >> dana: in fact, some of the other parts of the book about the politics, some people said they don't trust his memory. instead of "total recall" it should have been called "faulty recall." they don't remember the things that went down. >> greg: thank you for the explanation. >> dana: monday with gutfeld. hard to take. maybe in a public way he is asking forker giveness. perhaps it should have been done in private. i don't understand a compulsion for people to write books about it and drag your family -- if you cared about didn't want them hurt maybe he should haven't written a book.
5:31 pm
>> eric: i don't think he is asking for forgiveness. he is trying to stay relevant. he wants to be out there. but he keeps forgetting he fathered a child. he hasn't apologized to the child. he apologized to the wife and himself, fans. but this poor kid is now going to go through life with a father whose ego is so big and he wants no part because he let it get out he was the father and ruined the family. the kid is always trampled. >> greg: he is going to be rich. >> eric: the kid? >> greg: yeah. 'canes so strong. >> andrea: amazing how both topics have common thread. it's bob beckel. the next topic is barroom brawls. allen west has an ad out against his opponent patrick murphy and he brings up something that patrick murphy his opponent would like to forget. >> february 16, 2003.
5:32 pm
they prepare them to go to war. that night, south beach miami. patrick murphy is thrown out of a club for fighting, covered in alcohol, unable to stand. murphy confronts and verbally assaults a police officer. he was arrested and taken to jail. >> andrea: is this the best the democrats have? >> eric: this is the best ad ever. allen west ad. unbelievable good job, sir. >> bob: if this was on me it would have been a documentary. for allen west to open this up on a 19-year-old kid who is getting in a barroom brawl, which a lot did. same time, allen west is charged by the military with assault. told to believe the military. he was charged by the military with assault.
5:33 pm
>> greg: do you know what he did? put a gun to terrorist head who was planning to kill american troops. he shot the gun by his head. who would ahmadinejad rather deal with, that guy or eye candy from "the view"? he'd rather be with mr. eye candy. i love him. >> bob: are you kidding me? one-way ticket to new zealand if that happened. >> greg: are you making a promise? >> bob: i promise. >> dana: another two-bit country? >> bob: no. new zealand is not a two-bit country but congressman west -- >> eric: he was honorably discharged. stop it. >> greg: he is a hero among the troops. they went down to the court case by the thousands. they supported him. >> bob: a 19-year-old -- >> andrea: you have a feud with colonel west, too and you're a barroom brawl. >> dana: he decided to join the military. >> andrea: a hero. coming up, is it a coon dense that a new film by actor matt damon vilified fracking is
5:34 pm
financed by -- get this -- arab country that is a member of opec and fourth larger supporter of oil in the world? greg has the latest hollywood hypocrisy up next. ♪ ♪ mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q&a for fiona.
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i'm bret baier. in colorado, for our continuing series on important swing counties around the country. the big story here today is the countdown to the first presidential debate. just down the road in denver wednesday night. tonight on "special report," mitt romney spent much of the day today in boston preparing for his first meeting on the debate stage with president obama. the debate will focus on domestic policy. the president is doing his debate prep in a resort area of lake las vegas. crowd of 11,000 turned out for late sunday night rally. the president is downplaying any advantage he might have. brit hume is in washington with the facts and fiction on the latest obama economic message. amazing video from afghanistan. we will put you in the middle of the firefight. more questions about policy in afghanistan. "special report" starts at 6:00. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five."
5:39 pm
♪ ♪ >> greg: here is an idea for matt damon's next film. he should play an actor who is in cahoots with foreign countries to undermine his own country energy needs. a perfect method for matt because it is mat. his new flick has middle east backing. it has matt as evil oil man forcing small towns to adopt fracking to get natural oil and gas from the ground. here is a clip, mr. clipper. >> the town, the life is tying. you see it coming and you don't get out of the way. we're not fighting for land. we're fighting for people. >> do you have any idea what you came to get from me? >> you're a good man, steve.
5:40 pm
i wish you weren't doing this. >> for $9 billion policy do you know what we're capable of? do you? >> greg: shut up. at least it wasn't produced in association with country that might not want america to boost the oil protux. oops. heritage reports that it's owned by company owned in united arab emirates. they helped finance the film. matt damon loves blowing whistles with the hoke i can films but in real life he is the bad guy. damon is doing harm for his anti-fracking propaganda makes us more depen dep on the oil-rich, unstable haters. why does he bother? when you're intellectually insecure and rich beyond logic what else can you do? root against the interest and undermine employment and play in hands of people who don't like us. anything to feel special and separate yourself from the herd. who plays matt damon in movie
5:41 pm
about matt damon? i forgot. that won't be made. >> isn't it matt damon poorman's kirk cameron? >> dana: you have to wonder at some point if they realize what they're doing. they want attention so much. last week i did my one more thing about north dakota and you made fun of me? >> greg: how could i forget? >> dana: because of this technology they have the lowest unemployment rate in nation, most cor corvettes and highest resume balance because they use this in a way environmentally friendly and help america change the dependence on foreign oil. united arab emirates, i got to go to the model u.n. when i was 13. that was my country. >> greg: good for you. why am i not surprised you were in the model u.n. is that like a tiny u.n. and you can sit in the model for
5:42 pm
your height? >> dana: that's about as good as your die hard joke. >> greg: thank you. you said it's okay, the movie. >> eric: i'm okay with it. remarketed, capitalism, finance it and go ahead and finance it. there are a lot of movies that undermine capitalism. don't forget the united arab emirates produces oil, competitor for natural gas so of course they will do the antinatural gas movie. they're pro-oil. >> greg: matt damon undermining american interest with an evil conglomerate. isn't that the plot of the movie he rails against? >> andrea: who is against hydrofracking? environmentalists. this is taking dirty money to fund the money. interesting, liberals all the time in hollywood like to say i am getting to the bottom of it. this movie is anti-wine movie. paid for by budweiser. >> dana: medical marijuana -- >> andrea: it's the same. liberals make big oil.
5:43 pm
>> dana: filmed it, the epa tried to make, prove it was environmental damage and they were embarrassed because they couldn't produce results. >> greg: why does matt damon hate america? >> bob: who is cameron? >> andrea: "growing pains." >> greg: original matt damon. >> eric: you did the mondale campaign when that was popular. >> bob: you were playing stalin in the model u.n. i don't think he hates america. he likes making money. i will say that this is not something i would like to have on my advertising that is paid for, part of it by the united arab emirates. i don't -- why are you jumping on matt damon? he is a good actor. leave him alone. >> greg: he is a hypocrite. he likes to create propaganda he plays bad guy or good guy
5:44 pm
but it's always about whistle blowing in the real life he is the bad guy. amazing story. >> eric: more insidious the little muppets who made the guy tearing down the muppet studio because there was oil under the muppet studio. do you remember that? >> bob: do you know the munchkins were subjected to child abuse. >> greg: don't even. >> andrea: what is the overall message here? oil is good as long as it's paying for matt damon hollywood hills home? >> greg: exactly. >> dana: keeping people from getting jobs across america. that's what fracking provides. >> bob: filling your cars with fuel. >> greg: coming up, is president obama trying to lower expectation for the debate performance on wednesday? >> no, no. governor romney, he is a good debateedebater. i'm just okay. >> greg: full debate preview ahead. if you leave now, dana will set fire to her barbie malibu beach house. don't do it, dana.
5:45 pm
stop! ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: this is not a false statement. just over 48 hours, mitt romney and president obama will meet in denver for the first of three presidential debates. president obama is investigate expectations this week. >> you may have heard that in a few days my opponent in this election, andry going to have a debate. i am looking forward to it. i know folks in the media are
5:49 pm
speculating already on who is going to have the best zinger. i don't know about that. no, no. governor romney, she a good debater. i'm just okay. >> bob: there you go. expect taig game. it happens every debate. but the problem is president is recognized as a good debater and romney is not. the problem for obama, they better be careful, romney had 24 debates in the primary campaign. and obama has not debated since four years ago. dana, what do you think? >> dana: except for "the view." >> bob: what do you think of the expectations? dais when president obama says that, it's not credible. they don't believe that. they think so highly of themselves and their campaign, when he says that, you know he is setting it up so the headline the next day will be despite expectation of him not doing well, president obama shined. that's what you will read. >> greg: surprisingly good
5:50 pm
point. gamesmanship. obama doesn't believe there is anything on earth anyone can do better than him. false modesty that is comically nauseating after a while. no, there is nothing that he thinks romney can do better than him. >> eric: a good reason for that. everyone after the last four years ago said what a great speaker he is! he is one of the best political speakers over the walk the earth. remember that? then no, i'm not that good. >> bob: do you think you have chance of setting expectation lower for himself? >> andrea: does he? >> bob: yeah. >> andrea: he wants them be as low as possible. >> bob: of course. does he have a chance to do that? >> andrea: no he's known to be a brilliant orator. nobody believes it. he sat with the ladies of the "the view" and called himself eye candy. are we to believe he is the
5:51 pm
underdog? >> greg: he should float the rumor he might not show up, not feeling well. then he shows up and everybody would happy. >> bob: show me a better orator in a long time? maybe ronald reagan came close. >> andrea: but debating and obama has a tendency when he is challenged -- hold on -- to look really, really annoyed. remember the interview with bret baier. he looked tick when he was challenged. >> eric: and when he doesn't have a prompter working for him he says things like private sector is doing fine. you didn't build that. government helped you along the way. the next thing that comes out -- >> bob: let me tell you what the strategy here. not about downplaying his own expectations. you talk about the zingert story they're pushing hard is romney and his people are working for month on one-line zinger to go after the president and something like hope and change. i can tell you, those kind of
5:52 pm
lines haven't been the one created, where's the beef, and -- i >> bobi >> dana: i thought wendy's did that. >> bob: they did but i stole it. if you get someone to deliver it, i'm not sure romney could driver it. if they try that strategy hit it out of the ballpark. >> greg: the zingers is the cake. i love those. >> andrea: he doesn't want to approach podium. remember rick lazio did that. >> bob: two do you think is going to be seen as winner of the debate? >> dana: wait and see. andrea will be in denver. >> bob: that was superfluou superfluous. >> dana: in the morning, republicans say romney did well and democrats say obama did well. >> bob: exception of the kennedy-nixon debate in 1960, a little of the nixon-reagan carter debate in 1980, if debates have not changed the line of election.
5:53 pm
right now the person ahead at this stage goes on to win every election in 50 years. i don't know -- >> andrea: this one could because it's so close and it's on the economy. we have yet to hear real answers from the president. >> bob: or heard anything from romney. that is the point. romney has to answer questions. >> andrea: good. looking forward to it. >> bob: how are you going to protect medicare and social security and cut taxes increase the budget and balance the budget? jon >> he will answer that on wednesday. >> bob: i'm sure he will. all i can say is one more thing is next. ♪ ♪
5:54 pm
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a little lesimperfect. call... and lock in your rate for 12 months. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> eric: all right. time for one more thing. >> andrea: we have had a heavy show but this will lighten the mood. whitney is a sophomore in michigan. and last week, she was told she was going to be the homecoming queen by students at her school only to find out they were just playing a nasty prank on her. well, she has some words for those bullies. >> kids are bullying, do not let them bring you down. stand up for what you believe in. go with your heart and go with your gut. that's what i did. and look at me now. i'm as happy as can be. >> andrea: the national media heard about this story and the community rallied around her. they chipped in to buy her dress for homecoming.
5:58 pm
they bought her homecoming dinner dance. that was her brought out on the field to more than 1,000 cheering fans. a lot wearing her favorite color orange. good for you, whitney. stand up to them. >> eric: move on. very quickly, bob beckel, over the weekend, john stossel and i ran in to allen west this morning who had a message for you. >> i got to sit next to beckel every day of my life. >> really? >> yeah. >> bob, i know we haven't had the best relationship but i hope you will come to south florida and we could mend it. honor if i could take you to dinner and show you a lighter side of allen west. god bless you. >> he has huge guns, beckel. be careful. >> bob: invited me on a date. >> eric: extending the olive branch. >> bob: queens teacher suing the city. what is the big news about that? the reason is john webster is a 220-pound gym teacher.
5:59 pm
27 years old and claimed he was beat up by rodrigo, four years old, 50-pound first grader who broke his ankle and his knees and psychologically had to go through stress and suing the city. give up the gym job if i were you. >> eric: we have to move on. you're up. >> dana: caught my eye today. sweden, europeans, so to rabbit. ikea, they have a catalog, standard catalog. check out the picture there. in the saudi version they air brush out the woman. okay? so this is because they don't want to offend anybody. taking heat for that. now they're going to look at their policies. to make sure they're not in conflict. >> eric: gregory? >> greg: i am going to unveil today the cover of my book. now out. it doesn't come out until november 13 but you can order if it you want at amazon. i look like pierce bros nashn with constipation. i have a book tour thr


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